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I'd love to help you improve speed and performance of your website - if you are serious about this. Achieving high-performance for your site, short-term and long-term, requires investing time and money and putting in the effort.

My approach to making websites fast can be described as "implementing data-driven, validated optimizations in context of user characteristics/needs and business goals, in close collaboration with your teams and third parties".

Typically a project has four key ingredients:

At the end of the project, your website is fast and your teams have the enthusiasm, data, expertise, tools and processes to keep the site fast.

CDN Consultancy & Implementation

"Use a content delivery network" has been a top recommendation for optimizing site speed for years now, and that still stands. Delivering content from servers close to your users contributes greatly to fast user experiences.

CDNs have evolved from simple proxy/caching solutions to highly-configurable content delivery, content transformation, security and edge compute services. Selecting the right CDN and doing a smooth, effective implementation can be challenging.

I have 8+ years of hands-on experience testing, evaluating, configuring and tuning content delivery networks incl. Cloudflare, Fastly, CDNetworks and Verizon/EdgeCast.

In November 2011, I launched CDN Planet, a website packed with information about content delivery networks. One year later I co-founded TurboBytes, a Multi-CDN service provider, where we worked with ChinaCache, TATA, StackPath/Highwinds and many other CDNs.

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